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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality tutoring that supports student learning and empowers students to achieve success.

Our Goal

The goal of peer tutoring is to help students engage their own active learning and critical thinking skills.

R2LA Tutoring

Benefits of Tutoring

Individualized learning experience

R2LA gets to know our students and practice different methods to ensure each student is learning in the best way for them.

Encourages higher level of thinking.

R2LA help improve critical thinking skills by encouraging questions and discussions and student engagement.

Increases good study habits

R2LA caters to each learning style and encourages students to use the best practices even without their tutor present.

Become an independent learner

R2LA helps boost confidence in students' own abilities and encourages independent thinking.

Improves academic performance

R2LA assists with assignment comprehension and knowledge retention. Students are able to discuss the academic lessons and talk through their understanding.

Supports in-class learning

R2LA helps to strengthen subject comprehension and gain learning skills that can be implemented in a classroom setting.


  • Elementary through High School

  • Algebra / Algebra 2

  • Geometry & Trigonometry


  • Biology

  • Earth science

  • Physics

  • Chemistry


  • Reading & Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

  • Poetry

  • Summarization

  • APA formatting


  • SAT & ACT

  • GED

  • Workkeys


"Julio's reading has improved so much and he is doing better in school. We are going to stay with R2LA."

-Jasmary T.

"I love the personal connection that was created with my sons. They are so excited to learn and tell me all about it afterwards."

-Danielle C

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